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Tuesday at Sportpark Klagenfurt, Jasmin Ouschan defeated Kristina Grim 7-2 to advance to the second round of the Predator World Women’s 10-Ball Championship. Ouschan was arranging two WPA World Championship tournaments in her hometown of Klagenfurt.

Three-time Pro Billiard Series champion Kelly Fisher defeated Seo Seoa 7-1, while the current Women’s 10-Ball Champion – who earned her championship when the event was last held in 2013 – also got off to a winning start by defeating Yi Yun Su 7-0.

Ouschan has been highly involved in the planning of these events

But she has recently shifted her concentration to preparations for competing. As she began her tournament against Grim, she received a great deal of support.

Grim handed herself a difficult cut on the 10, which she hit too thinly, allowing Ouschan to win the first rack. A dry break and following foul by Ouschan allowed Grim to regain possession of the ball and square the score. The Slovakian, who has previously represented Germany, was unable to capitalize on her own break, hitting a difficult 9 too full and allowing Ouschan to regain a 2-1 lead. The subsequent two racks again went against the breaker, but Ouschan’s break made the score 4-2.

This lead was increased when Grim’s 1-ball safety created an opening. Ouschan completed another run out on her own break to reach the hill 6-2 up, and her advancement to the next round was guaranteed on the following rack when the hometown favorite cleared after Grim missed a long 1 under shot-clock pressure.

“How the first match would feel is always a major unknown,” remarked Ouschan. But it went well and I’m pleased with the setup overall, the staff did a tremendous job, and I’m obviously glad to host such an event in my city.


Rubilen Amit of the Philippines won the World Women’s 10-Ball Championship for a second time in 2013, defeating Kelly Fisher in the final to add to her 2009 victory. Amit had to wait a long time to defend her championship, but she got off to a fantastic start by defeating Yi Yun Su of Chinese Taipei, 7-0.

Three-time Pro Billiard Series champion Kelly Fisher advanced to the winners’ side of the brackets with a 7-1 victory against Seo Seoa of Korea, and 17-year-old rising talent Lena Primus of Austria defeated Laura Saarinen 7-6.

Before the World Teams Championship began, players and officials paid their respects to Molrudee Kasemchaiyanan, who passed away on Tuesday. Kasemchaiyanan fell ill after representing New Zealand at The World Games in July, and her billiard family in Klagenfurt honored her with a minute of silence. Kelly Fisher expressed homage, stating, “She was a darling who did a lot for the world of billiards, was really enthusiastic about the game, and was a member of our billiard family. She is going to be greatly missed.”

World Teams Championship matches are best-of-five sets, and teams consist of two male and one female player. Prior to nominating a player for men’s singles, the first set is between the two female players. By the third set, mixed doubles, all four players must have participated. The players may then select a singles player of their choosing for the fourth set, and if the score is tied at 2-2, all team members compete in a best-of-four shootout.

Due to the fact that Austria ‘A’ was one of eight teams seeded through the first round, it fell to Austria ‘B’ to fly the flag on the main table. However, they faced a United States side that was not in the mood to be courteous to its guests. Lina Primus was beaten 4-0 by April Larson, who set the tone for a defiant win.

Tyler Styer continued his momentum into the second set, as he beat Daniel Guttenberger 4-1. Austria B was eliminated from the tournament by Joey Tate and Larson, who defeated Primus and Max Lechner 4-0 to send Austria B to the losers’ bracket. Tomorrow evening, Great Britain (Jayson Shaw, Darren Appleton, and Kelly Fisher) will take against the United States.

Japan (Yuki Hiraguchi, Masato Yoshioka & Tatsu Kuribayashi) won a stirring clash against Serbia (Bojana Sarac, Aleksa Pecelj & Andreja Klasovic). Japan won the opening two sets by narrow margins, as Hiraguchi defeated Sarac 4-3 and Yoshioka defeated Pecelj 4-2 respectively. Sarac and Klasovic defeated Hiraguchi and Kuribayashi in a hill-hill mixed doubles match, while Yoshioka advanced his team to the next round with an impressive 4-0 victory against Pecelj.

Canada won the first shootout of the competition, advancing at the expense of Costa Rica, while Switzerland won the second, advancing at the expense of Finland.

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