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OKBET Pro Billiard Series | OHIO’S TOP 4

The FargoRate Ohio Open has advanced Alex Kazakis, Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz, Mario He, and Seybert’s Michigan Open winner Aloysius Yapp to the round of 16, although notable players like the Ko brothers are already leaving.

The FargoRate Ohio Open’s Top 4

Albin Ouschan, Robbie Capito, and Wiktor Zielinski have been disqualified from the competition in The FargoRate Ohio Open, which has a $75,000 prize pool and is taking place concurrently with the CSI Ohio State Championships at the Roberts Center in Wilmington, Ohio. Fedor Gorst will compete against Mika Immonen in winners’ qualification on Friday morning.

After losing in a shootout against Riku Romppanen of Finland, Ouschan was defeated 4-3, 4-0, by Eklent Kaci. Romppanen must defeat Roberto Gomez to advance to the round of 16, while Kaci needs to defeat Predator World 10-Ball Champion Wojciech Szewczyk to stay in the competition.

The final four winners’ qualifying games are scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. on Friday. David Alcaide had one more chance to advance after Kazakis defeated him 4-1, 4-3 to go to the round of 16.

Kazakis said, “I am feeling pretty thrilled that I won the match. “Everything went my way in the first set, and both ways in the second set. At Hill-Hill, David had the chance to escape, but he missed it, so I took advantage of the situation.

Aloysius Yapp, a two-time champion on the Predator Pro Billiard Series, defeated Finland’s Jani Uski 4-2, 4-3 while Sanchez-Ruiz defeated American Justin Martin 4-3, 4-3. Mario He, the winner of the Fargorate Ohio Open the previous year, had to defeat Michael Schneider in a shootout to proceed. With Sanchez-Ruiz still without a stop win, only one of the four players who have previously qualified for single elimination share four Pro Billiard Series championships.


Within a short period of time, the brothers Ko Ping Han, Ko Pin-Yi, and Ko Ping-Chung were all exterminated. Ping Han was defeated from the spot once more on Thursday, this time by Badar Al Qrrayyan, after losing in a shootout to Petri Makkonen on Wednesday. Pin-Yi was on the losers’ side following her loss to Jan van Lierop yesterday, while Ping-Chung is currently the only Ko family member remaining competing after Sharik Sayed’s 4-1, 4-1 victory.

Ping-Chung was soon dropped as well, though. Robbie Capito had defeated him in a shootout on Wednesday to end his tournament. He rebounded by defeating Sanjin Pehlivanovic 4-3, 4-1, but ultimately fell to Sullivan Clark of New Zealand in a shootout.

Chang Jung-Lin defeated Zielinski in the day’s last match on the TV table, winning 4-2, 4-3 to put an end to Zielinski’s tournament. At 3-2 ahead in the second set, Chang missed a 4 ball, which allowed his Polish opponent to tie the game at 3-3; however, after Zielinski missed the 5, Chang returned to the table and won the rack to avert a shootout. Chang must win two more games in order to advance to the single-elimination round, where he will face Dimitri Jungo.

Konrad Juszczyszyn, who defeated Ernesto Dominguez in a protracted shootout, will take on Aleksa Pecelj as one of the other players returning to the losers’ side. Juszczyszyn won the opening set 4-2 but the second set’s 4-0 whitewash forced a shootout. Before both players failed their next two sudden death attempts, neither player missed any of their first four attempts. Each made another successful spot shot to tie the shootout at 7-7, but Dominguez’s subsequent attempt was unsuccessful after Juszczyszyn’s had already been successful.

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