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Aloysius Yapp successfully defended his Seybert’s Michigan Open title with a 4-2, 4-1 final victory over Robbie Capito, while Kelly Fisher won her fourth Pro Billiard Series event with a shootout victory over Wei Tzu Chien in the women’s final in Battle Creek’s Kellogg Arena.

Fisher, a past Pro Billiard Series champion in Austria, Las Vegas, and Germany, fought back from a first-set loss against Wei to win a high-quality shootout and stated that she hadn’t expected to win the title given her performance earlier in the week.

Yapp had defeated Chang Jung-Lin in a shootout in his semi-final earlier on Saturday

But he didn’t let the final go that far as he exploited every opportunity to win the title for the second year in a row.

Capito had won the semi-finals 4-0, 4-1 against Vitaliy Patsura earlier on Saturday, and when Yapp missed a leap to the 1, Capito got the first opening of the match, which he took full advantage of to clear for the first rack.

A dry break, on the other hand, gave Yapp with a shot on the 1, and this time it was the Singaporean who took a rack on his opponent’s break.

Yapp seized the lead for the first time thanks to a break and run, but he ran out of gas in the fourth. Capito got a clear shot at the 1 but missed a straightforward 3 to the center after gaining ideal position. When Yapp left a lengthy attempt at the 3 and Capito made a difficult shot down table, he would receive another chance.

Capito was in the corner when partner Chia Hua Chen won the recent Predator Canada Open, and this time the positions were turned as ‘Amber’ was cheering Capito on from the stands. She watched as he tied the game at 2-2, but Yapp reclaimed the advantage when Capito overhit a 5, which had only required the lightest of touches to find the center pocket. Yapp then finished the set despite breaking dry with a jump shot on the 1.


The Singaporean maintained his run into the second set, grabbing the first rack and then cutting the 4 with enough of speed to land flawlessly on the 5, and another break and run got him to the hill before Capito could register a rack.

Capito eventually got a chance when Yapp left him in sight of the 4, but the cue kicked the 7 to the side fence after he made the 5. Capito lined up position for the 7 with a look off the 10, but he overhit it and the cue raced into the 8. A small cut got Capito to the left corner, but he had to leap the 10 to get to the 9. He made a tough, high-pressure 10 to give himself hope after executing that shot flawlessly.

Capito, unable to afford a slip-up, came up dry on his break yet again. Yapp had a clear chance at the 1, but he failed to connect on a 2/7 combination he called. Yapp didn’t have to wait long; a chance to win the title for the second year in a row arrived after Capito played an aggressive bank but missed a straight 3.

It was a tense runout from there, but Yapp finished to claim the $20,000 prize and retain his Seybert’s Michigan Open championship.

The women’s final was a fitting conclusion to a high-quality event, with Wei and Fisher both in good form as they competed for the $13,000 prize.

Fisher leveled after Wei claimed the first rack of the opening set with a superb 8/10 carom. Wei regained the lead when Fisher’s dry break left an open table, and 2-1 quickly became 3-1 as Fisher scratched after making the 6 ball in the fourth rack.

Fisher went up 3-2 after a brilliant bank to make the 4, and the Brit, who won gold at The World Games this summer, won a safety struggle in the sixth rack to level the set at hill-hill.

Fisher got the break, but despite making the wing ball, she found herself with the cue stuck to the 9. Wei took a tough 1 along the fence to gain an opening, then followed it up with a long 3. The 6 posed another difficulty, but Wei easily completed the rack to take the set and a significant step towards the title.

In the second set, a high-quality final showed no signs of abating. Both players won two of the first four racks, but Wei’s grab at the 3 clipped the 8, missed the pocket, and Fisher cleared to take a 3-2 lead.

Kwikfire Fisher broke for the last time and had a good position on the 2. She had work to do in the rack, so she played the 5 neatly along the top rail to establish position on the 6, then performed a controlled clearing to win the set 4-2 and go to the shootout.

Wei was the first to shoot after winning the lag, and he located the heart of the pocket from there. Fisher tried the same thing, but Wei’s second clipped both jaws and returned up the table. Fisher took the lead with her second stroke, putting pressure on Wei, who missed her third.

That meant Fisher only needed one successful shot to win the championship. She did, however, miss for the first time. Wei would still need to make her fourth shot and hope Fisher missed again for the shootout to proceed to sudden death, but that didn’t happen as Wei missed for the third time, giving Fisher his fourth Pro Billiard Series title.

“I’m a little stunned,” Fisher said. “I made it to the final, which was unexpected for me this week.” I never felt comfortable until my last match last night against Angeline Ticoalu; it was the first match where I felt I got flowing, so I had a fight all week just trying to find myself, let alone hoping to go on and win it.

“Thankfully, once I acquired that gear, it continued today.” Today, I played incredibly well against Karen and was quite consistent in the final. Wei came up with a variety of shots, put me under pressure, and I remained calm throughout the shootout.

“I am overjoyed to win and add another championship to my collection.” I enjoy these events because of the excitement they generate, such as when we have a shootout and the audience is jammed around the table. The format is challenging for the participants, but it is the future that will put this sport on the map. It was a fantastic event, and I eagerly await the next one.”

Fisher had defeated Karen Corr 4-1, 4-0 in the semi-finals, while Wei had advanced to the final with a shootout victory against Allison Fisher. The opening set was won by the Duchess of Doom 4-1, but Wei won the second 4-2 before winning the shootout 2-1 to go to her second final of the month.

The Fargorate Ohio Open, held October 19-22 in Wilmington, Ohio, is the next US Pro Billiard Series tournament.

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