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Chia Hua Chen beat Allison Fisher in a shootout for the second time this week. This win at the Predator Canada Open marked her return to international competition.

Fisher had to go through the one-loss side to get to single elimination because she lost her first match of the tournament to Chen, who didn’t lose any of her other matches.

‘Amber’ Chen had won the opening set of the match 4-2, but Fisher’s 4-0 victory in the second set prompted a shootout. Fisher had a chance to take it to sudden death after Chen missed her last try after missing the first of her four tries. The championship was Chen’s when the Duchess of Doom missed with the score 3-2. However, she was unable to extend the match any further.

Chen remarked through her partner, Robbie Capito, “I cannot believe it. “Since this is my first international competition since the epidemic, I didn’t have high expectations going into the competition, so I’m thrilled with the victory.”

In the final, Fisher established a 2-0 lead, but Chen fought back to tie it up at 2-2 thanks to a poorly executed safety attempt on the 6. Fisher was unable to connect in the sixth game due to a wonderful safety on the 7, giving the Taiwanese star ball in hand. She scuffed the cue ball breaking in the sixth but won the set 4-2 thanks to a fantastic bank that extended the length of the table.

In response, Fisher won the opening game of the second set with a 7/10 combination to go up 2-0. The Duchess of Doom was the first to take a risk during a third-period safety struggle. Fisher was one game away from a shootout when she finished off the 4-0 set with a strong runout.

If the score is tied after each player has taken four shots, the shootout system gives each player four innings before sudden death kicks in.


Despite spending the most of the second set confined to her seat, Chen was the first to shot and successfully hit the center of the pocket. Fisher’s first attempt was too thin, and Chen’s subsequent attempt gave her a 2-0 lead in the shootout.

Fisher hit a fantastic pressure shot right into the pocket to make it 2-1 since he could not afford to miss again. Fisher had to make her next, which she did, as Chen maintained control with her third successful shot.

Chen had a fourth chance to win the championship

But she missed by clipping Fisher’s jaw instead. The Brit attempted to force instant death with one shot, but she also failed. Because of Fisher’s error, Chen had to clarify with referee John Leyman that he had won the Predator Canada Open and received the $18,000 first prize.

The tenacious Australian, Bean Hung, had driven Chen to a shootout in her semifinal. Although Chen held a 4-0 lead after the first set, her opponent didn’t give up and won the second set hill-hill. The Australian, nevertheless, had trouble in the shootout, which Chen won 3-0.

After losing her first match, a shootout loss to Chen, Fisher had traveled the most indirect road conceivable to the championship match. To advance to the round of 16, where her close friend and three-time Pro Billiard Series champion Kelly Fisher was waiting, she overcame her one setback by defeating Stephanie Mitchell and Maryann McConnell.

To win in a shootout, Allison put out a tremendous effort. She then overcame Kyoko Sone in the round of eight. Fisher faced Kristina Zlateva of Bulgaria in the semifinals, and the seasoned British player quickly completed a 4-0, 4-2 victory.

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